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The Intersection of Sports Gambling and Investing

The Super Bowl. The BIG game! Something a spectator and more importantly, gamblers and bookkeepers alike, look forward to like your senile mother looks forward to the 12 days of Christmas (love you, mom). Up until this year, I personally would've already placed several large scale bets on the game. Probably 80% on the O/U, spread and moneyline and the remaining 20% on a few prop bets- something like X player will have Y amount of yards, not things like what color Jordan's Justin Timberlake would be dancing around in. But I didn't bet- not a single dollar.

Nope, I didn't do my research into PFF grades of guards and tackles or look at Jim Schwartz's record against the Pats when he was the coordinator in Buffalo. Nope- nowadays, my research has narrowed in on less nickelbacks and slot receivers and more on blockchain developers, pioneers and the communities surrounding projects, both good and bad.

Why? Well, based on my research, it's simply a safer gamble. And don't get it wrong, at this stage in the game- you're most likely just gambling too. But a wise gambler can give just as much advice in this space as an investor. Disregarding the TA (which would translate in sports gambling to things like checking the IR, where the public has their money, historical stats for players against types of defense, blah, blah) you're essentially doing the same things - making wise psychological decisions over time while safe guarding significant losses and taking educational shots at big opportunities.

Now I'll admit, while I've known about Bitcoin and Ethereum for about 3 years now, I only engulfed my mind into all things blockchain and crypto within the last 5 months. I consider myself kind of a sheep, but a sheep leading the herd (that's far from boasting)! I'm no mastermind and with only about 1% of the world population invested in crypto, I get the feeling most of you aren't either. In this extremely volatile cryptocurrency market, the most consistent and unyielding statement I've come away with is "I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISOR". Oh, really? I wouldn't have guessed it by the title of your article, "THIS COIN TO MOON 1000X in 2018(emoji, emoji, $,$)!" Or the fact that you're broadcasting from your 1-BR apartment in Boise with bed head and no external mic.

This absolute message typically follows up about 30 minutes of shilling several dozen coins. Weather it be TA via Steemit Sensations, to white paper analysis from Youtubers with +150K subscribers to "hot" topics within a certain coins reddit community with theories as out-there as that guy you know that goes on about the Earth being flat (flat, round, who cares?). But regardless of all the research I do, the teacher always informs you that they are NOT financial advisors.

Now, I know this just a legal obligation on their part and that most viewers are definitely using it as financial advice.  These youtube sensations and trending steemit analysts are not far off from what I know as professional gamblers. And believe me, I have high praise for many of them. But I follow 10 or so and look forward to their content like I do another episode of "Last week tonight." But it doens't take a certificate in this space to give or receive wise advise from other community advisors just like it doesn't take a 5-year contract with HBO to dish out videos and get a huge following on Youtube. These times are special in that this tech is so new to the general public that the community could very well consist of the next generation of financial advisors revolved guessed it, markets and forms of currency it's based upon.

"I am much more interested in the optimism revolved around what you've invested in"

When I think someone is trustworthy, whether it be regarding gamble advice, investment advise or whatever- what the best item on a menu is, I like to think that less is more. Less positivity to be exact. If you tell me it's not a good time to invest or have reason not to gamble or think that something is disgusting on the menu for which you are selling, I am much more interested in the optimism revolved around what you've invested in- markets, teams, foods. That's likely the biggest differentiator between a financial advisor and the thousands of social media players looking to tell you about a coin- Pessimism. Not big-media pessimism telling you that "bitcoin is dead! SELL" but more so those who warn that perhaps this correction isn't quite over or, a project that's being shilled might be a big risk being that it's website ends in .Scam. It's balance I look for when searching for advice. So that I can put it all together and form my own opinion or strategy towards a coin or market trend. A lot of these guys just smile and sell you false hope rather than give you a balanced plan or strategy on when to sell or what to look out for. I mean, when we were at ATH's in early January I didn't see much advise on selling outside of from DataDash (give him a follow). If you took advise to sell in early January, you're of a small percentage of winners right now. You can buy back in at the same price or likely cheaper and wait for the next bull run. But I'm sure you were hesitant upon receiving this bearish advise, which often psychologically stands as pessimistic news.

According, an NFL favorites won 67.4% of the time this past year. That's a good parallel to use when diversifying your bets in the crypto world - 2/3 of the time, or 2/3 of your portfolio should be in on the favorite (platforms, top-30 projects) and the other 1/3 on dark horses or underdogs. With those dark horses, I'd advise you to do about 3x the amount of research you've done on those established projects as a way to filter out the risks and find the true diamonds in the rough. After all, those top 30 projects have massive communities and news revolved around them on a daily basis. Your sweetheart ranked down there at 372...well it takes a village to raise an alt!

Speaking of raising, today we seemed to have risen to a point of support around 8.3K following the largest correction, dip, name it...waterslide, since early September- and that one had an indicator as to why- China banning ICO's. This time around, there's a lot more people in line for the waterslide- many of them have never been even been to a water park. They panic, they sell, they see positivity, they jump in, no questions asked. Financial advise? Hell, sounds like most people need psychology advise. Because for the majority- this, sports gambling, the Dow even even diet, it all can revolve around the some simple absolutes- decisions you make and when you make them- with confidence. Losing money is simply a lack of confidence. Don't be the guy who follows mass behaviors. Stay balanced and trust in the reasons behind your gambles- nothing good comes without tribulation. Do endless amounts of research on your coins and past market behaviors. Move over to tell your right tackle a different scheme to shift into and....wait a minute, he's throwing it to Nick Foles! Touchdown. Psychological warfare- best used in the most definitive of moments in a game, in a market, in everything that is human.

"It's been said that one in three millennials will be invested in bitcoin by the end of 2018"

Many Steemit Users and Crypto-enthusiasts alike represent a new era of economic-traders and investors. It's been said that one in three millennials will be invested in bitcoin by the end of 2018. They (we) aren't interested in traditional stocks anymore then they (WE!) are facebook. Not yet anyway. I know me, myself, I plan to diversify my portfolio partially into traditional stocks once I feel I have a good grasp of my day-to-day analysis of both charts and filtering of reliable and false rumors and news. If you're like me, you never followed elliot waves for Netflix stock. Or analyzed bollinger bands for Amazon. You never looked at the 50, 100 or 200 day Moving Average for BP Oil and jumped in (right before a catastrophic oil spill.). I've always been a bit of a gambler. I'm learning how to be an investor. And honestly, I see a lot of similarities - mentally anyway. but I'm not some wise-guy smoking cigars and calling women "sweetheart" at the bar. What I do consider myself as, is a balanced gambler. One who will stand on the sidelines if the field is oversaturated. One who backs up his bets with a strategic 5-step plan to see optimism in a project. One who will study volume and trends in the overall market before hitting buy or sell. And above all else, one who will balance my expectations with a slight bit of pessimism from time to time.

Guess what- Westwas1 is NOT a financial advisor! Westwas1 is writing this from his 1BR apt although my hair is combed. Westwas1 is no better than the next guy and will be looking for advise just as often as he dishes it out (god damnit am I speaking in 3rd person. Really!?).

My name's Drew. I hope we can make lot's and lot's of money together over the next couple of years. Look for my next post to dive in to a particular coin or two that I see as a safe gamble to hold over the next 6 weeks with plans of selling at least a portion within those 6 weeks. Each of my posts will come with a gamble to be made on a coin (whether it be for the day, month or year) as well as a sports betting pick of the day.

**For any NBA fans looking for some perspective on a good bet to make tonight, take the Cavaliers traveling to Atlanta...get this as only a -2 favorite! A Lebron James team hasn't lost 7 straight road games since Obama's first year in office. The Hawks just waived Marco Belinelli (averaging about 22 minutes/game), had another forward arrested last night, traded a big at the deadline and oh yeah, have the worst record in the league. They're also just getting home and are on a back-to-back. There's a feel in that plane from CLE-ATL of survival, brotherhood and a much needed breathe of fresh air. The Hawks play well against the Cavs and actually won a close one at home in early November. I don't see that happening again. This is almost a pick-em with Cavs only -110! This is the kind of game where a King makes a statement - new teammates will be watching, roll-players will be motivated and I think the Cavs take this one handily, even if it is a 6 man rotation. Cavs 116 Hawks 104.

This article was originally written by westwas1 and posted at steemit.