Have you ever wanted to create your own cryptocurrency, but maybe you thought it took in depth knowledge of blockchain technology, funding, or your mom giving you permission? Well, it’s actually a hell of a lot easier than you might think.

It seems like every day there are guides and coin creators, for people with little programming experience, popping up online.

**cough, ahem** In this guide we are going to look at creating your very own token on the Waves platform. Before you know it, actually within the next 5 minutes, you could be well on your way to becoming the little island dictator you always dreamed of. Okay, lets not go too far, because then you would need an actual island, but you will at least be on par by having your very own worthless currency. Then it’s up to you to actually build value around it.

So crack open your laptop, a cold beer and head over to Waves. If you haven’t used the waves platform before, you will be greeted with 2 options, download the client or use the online version.

If you do use the online version, then that account is tied to the device you are using, but it can be restored on another device with the backup information they provide.

For this guide I used the online beta, once you are in, here is all you need to do:

  1. Click on the Token Generation icon Token Generation Icon
  2. Give your token a name and description
  3. Set the total # of Tokens
  4. Choose whether they are Reissuable or not (reissuable means you can create more in the future)
  5. Set the number of decimal places (up to 8)
  6. Click Generate

Once generated your token is immediately tradable on the Waves Decentralized Exchange.



Requirement: 1 Waves (about $7) to create a token which you can purchase on an exchange like Bittrex or directly via the waves platform.

…and there you have it, couldn’t get much easier than that can it? It’s so easy my 75 year old Father, who can barely copy and paste, could do it. If you do create a token, and then purchase an island to setup your very own tourist nation, hit me up. I really need a vacation…