Edgeless – Blockchain Based Casino and Sports Betting

Continuing our trend of reviewing Blockchain-Based gambling technologies I wanted to cover one of the major market movers, Edgeless (EDG). I find any way that Blockchain technology can improve a sector very interesting, and gambling is definitely ripe for the picking.

Previously I wrote about FunFair and if you have listened to our podcasts you would know we are big supporters of their project. But while FunFair is attempting to create casino technology that can be licensed to businesses, Edgeless is building technology for Casino and Sports Betting that they intend to run themselves.

At first you would think FunFair and Edgeless are direct competitors, and while they do “technically” compete in the same space, with Edgeless running their own Casino and FunFair licensing their software, we believe the market is big enough for the both of them. For example, in 2016 the Online Gambling Industry was estimated at about $45 Billion dollars and is growing an average of 10% year over year. Crypto-based gambling is on pace to reach $1 billion this year with an estimated $890 Million BTC gambled in 2016.


Key Details

  • Ethereum Casino – First Ethereum Based Blockchain Casino
  • Smart Contracts – All games are smart contract based therefore there is no possible way for the casino to cheat
  • Instant Payouts – Unlike traditional online casinos the payouts are instant because of blockchain technology
  • 0 Fees – There are no fees to deposit or withdraw
  • Random Number – Similar to FunFair, Edgeless has Random Number Fairness incorporated
  • Licensed – Edgeless applied for and received a legal casino license in Q4 2017 adding credibility and legal authority to operate
  • Bankroll Staking – In the future, investors will be able to stake their bankroll creating liquidity for the casino and receiving a payout when the casino makes money



Ignas Mangevicius – Chief Technology Officer
Tomas Lukosaitis – Chief Operating Officer
Tomas Draksas – Professional Gambler and Poker Player

See the rest of the team here.


  • Q2 2017 – Blackjack Q2 2017 (Completed): The blackjack based game has been completed and is playable via their website.
  • Q4 2017 – Casino License (Completed): Curacao Casino License was issued on 12-22-2017 making Edgeless the first legal blockchain casino.
  • Q1 2018 – Dice
  • Q3 2018 – Sports Betting
  • Q4 2018 – Poker


Our Two Satoshis

Edgeless is definitely making moves in the blockchain gambling tech and we are excited about what the team can bring over the next year. Being the first legal blockchain casino, the team already has a working product, and the possibility for investors to make a return via bankroll staking in the future, how can you not be excited.

We may be strong supporters of what the FunFair team is doing but that doesn’t mean we can’t love what Edgeless is doing as well. Some people are avid supporters of one coin or another which is great, but try not to get so caught up and stuck in a certain community. If you are interested in how blockchain technology can revolutionize the world and at the same time want to make a return on your investment, then keep your eyes open for anything that peaks your interest.

Gotta love what Edgeless has done and is doing, what do you think?


In our latest podcast we discuss Edgeless.


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