If you’re into crypto, there’s a good chance you have been in contact with a bounty campaign. Though, you might not have even noticed it. It’s when an ICO offers the users of their community tokens, in exchange for helping to market the ICO. The ‘bounty hunters’ do tasks like sharing information, liking things on Facebook and referring investors, amongst others. We recently saw an exciting innovation in the development of these campaigns that we wanted to share with you.

An upcoming trend is having the bounty campaigns managed by bots in Telegram. They are still extremely rare, and the breakthrough model is designed by a company called Anything App. Their ‘MoneyBot’ is the most complete integration of bounty campaign management in Telegram we have seen to date, which appears to be completely automated, full of humour and has a messaging support solution.

The great thing about such bounty bots is that it makes it incredibly simple for the bounty hunter to have a clear oversight of which tasks can be done, how frequently and what they are worth. It de-loads the ICO team by making all data immediately integrated into the database, rather than being stuck in traditional Google Docs and Forms. That is still the approach most ICOs choose today, uninformed of the possibilities. We are passionate about both sides of the coin; users and start-ups and it’s clear to see how it benefits both.

Naturally, there’s a catch. Such a bot is not for sale; it has to be custom made. Development will take weeks and has to be done by a trusted party or one would risk infringement in privacy (in other words, by the company itself). Anything App replied they hadn’t seen a bounty bot yet, but realized it could be done in Telegram and it seemed like a efficient way to get attention from the public. It only took a few days to go viral and when it did, it apparently it attracted a mental 25,000 users in 24 hours, through referral links.

That’s not something we’ll be able to expect from future bots anymore, which is another catch. Such projects are cool because they are a refreshing break from the usual wibber-wash we see in the ICO scene. Once they become standard, it loses the appeal the initial models had. Innovation has to keep surging through and companies copying existing strategies will be left behind. Surely, Telegram Bounty Bots are the most effective way to collect an army of bounty hunters now, but who knows what will happen in the next half a year?

In the words of Yoda: “losing its appeal, it might. But better than alternatives, it remains”. And that’s a truth. Bounty bots are a big step up from traditional forum-based bounty campaigns or website-integrations. We’re looking forward to having this easily accessible solution around and we congratulate Anything App on a stellar job with their MoneyBot.

If you’d like to take a peek at what the future of bounty management looks like, we suggest you check out https://t.me/anythingappmoneybot. Have fun.