New Crypto Trading Assistant Offers Exclusive Benefits to Token Holders

TAY Token Discounted 15% Through March 7

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TALLINN, ESTONIA – MARCH 2, 2018 – Crypto enthusiasts have come out in force to support the development of the Taylor smart trading assistant, currently in beta. The company’s TAY token sale reached over 60% of its fundraising goal in the first week. Based on the pace of participation thus far, it is likely that Taylor’s ICO will sell out prior to the scheduled end date of March 22.

Tokens are being sold at a 15% discount through 2PM UTC on March 7. Investors who purchase and hold TAY for the long term get their subscription to Taylor’s monitor bot, signal, and trading service free of charge and have access to premium features as long as they hold a certain number of tokens:

  • Token holders who maintain a minimum of 1,000 tokens will enjoy the benefits of the Taylor standard plan, which includes all of the main features, as long as they hold the tokens.
  • Holders of a minimum of 3,000 tokens will have access to the Taylor premium plan, which includes all features from the standard plan plus priority notifications, higher trading limits, additional exit strategies, and access to beta features.

Taylor CEO Fabio Seixas explains their decision to conduct an ICO in order to fund the project. “Every startup needs to be funded. You can choose to bootstrap it, fund it through a VC, or conduct a crowdsale. Since our product is crypto related, we determined that a token sale would be the way to go.”

The total supply of TAY tokens is a one-time emission of 10,000,000, 6,535,000 of which are available during the token sale. Taylor’s founders will receive only 10% of this total share. Taylor has set a conservative hard cap of 5,960 ETH, raising only the amount they need to continue development and effectively market their platform to new users.

The Taylor team has invested a lot of time and thought to make purchasing tokens as easy, secure, and profitable as possible:

  • TAY is compatible with any ERC20 wallet.
  • Any tokens remaining at the conclusion of the sale will be burned.
  • Taylor implemented a KYC process managed by Onfido to ensure the sale complies with EU policies for anti-money laundering.
  • Taylor’s smart contracts were audited by Solidified.

Step-by-step instructions about how to participate in the token sale are outlined here:

For detailed information about Taylor or the token sale, including the whitepaper and project roadmap, visit the official Taylor website:

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Disclaimer: Citizens and residents from China, Singapore, South Korea, Canada and the United States are restricted from participating in the Taylor token sale — unless they are accredited American investors.


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