Bitcoin – The Movement

We are coming up on two weeks of trading in SEC regulated futures market with Bitcoin. As I woke up this morning Bitcoin made an overnight run up and is approaching testing the 19k threshold! Every day we respond to messages and questions asking if this is a bubble and what is occurring and simple things like is it too late to pick up Bitcoin. We are just beginning, don’t be turned off by the current 18.8k price tag per bitcoin –  most of us started by investing in fractions of bitcoin not whole coins. It is important for people to pay attention to facts versus FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) being thrown around by people that simply do not understand what is occurring around them.

Our team has many people coming onboard now that there has been some wall street money fluxed into Bitcoin. Your number one stop to check up on the crypto markets in general should be Facts don’t lie and look at the overall market cap and what is moving and how. Overall, 15 Billion dollars was placed into Bitcoin overnight and likely what is moving that is CME entering the futures market on December 18th. These major wall street players matter and this week alone over three other major futures and ETF players have announced their plans to expedite adding Bitcoin to their respective trading platforms.

Big league players have arrived and further adoption into mainstream currency outlets will continue throughout 2018. Blockchain and even SegWit blockchain have record high delay volumes due to activity and rest assured plenty of major players and movers within the crypto space are making their moves to take advantage of each amazing opportunity within the world of crypto!

At Team MadDigiTsCrypto we have had to revise our 2018 predictions due to wide adoption within the Bitcoin space. Our updated forecast for the end of 2018 is between 38-50k per Bitcoin. Are you ready for the largest transformation of wealth ever?!?!

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