For those of you living under a rock, or already on the moon, TRON is a project aimed to form a decentralized content entertainment ecosystem. Ideally they hope to undercut competitors like Google Play and the Apple App Store. Sounds ambitious, right? It is but this community is very active and the founder, Justin Sun, is as capable as anyone to make it happen.

TRON has a huge advantage over many crypto projects right now due to the 10 million users currently on the Peiwo app – an already successful “Chinese Snapchat”. It turns out Justin Sun is the creator of the popular social media platform where users can tip others with TRX, the cryptocurrency on TRON’s platform.

By integrating TRX into an already existing social media platform, TRON is seamlessly migrating those millions of users into a comfortable place where using the full TRON ecosystem feels much more natural than what other projects in the blockchain space are doing.


Everyone has heard of CryptoKitties, but have you heard of TRON Dogs? TRON Dogs are very much like CryptoKitties in that they are both on the Ethereum blockchain, can be bred, bought, sold, etc. In China it is the year of the dog so this was either a very clever marketing tactic or a very lucky coincidence. Either way, TRON & co has done an exceptional job of promoting their ecosystem and the gamified strategy is definitely working with the young user base carried over from Peiwo.


While TRON has done a great job at integrating an existing user base to their platform, they have also created many partnerships inside the gaming community not already owned and founded by Justin Sun. One of these partnerships is with BitGuild. BitGuild is a blockchain gaming platform that uses smart contracts to enable the buying/selling/hodling/etc of virtual assets.

According to the CEO, “Blockchain and smart contract technology allows for gamers to own their items,” Jared Psigoda, CEO at BitGuild, told me. “Instead of an item being flagged on a game developer’s server as ‘belonging to’ a certain player, that item will be sent to that player’s digital wallet over the blockchain. The gamer will own it and be free to do with it whatever she or he pleases, whether that be to sell, trade, or import it into another game. In addition, smart contracts are open source and allow for player verification of things like item drop rates.”

By partnering with TRON, the BitGuild community will have access to and be made aware of TRON, while the TRON community will be introduced to BitGuild and offered limited edition items for purchase using TRX. This is smart marketing, once again! Oh, and BitGuild’s ICO starts today.

Coin Burn

Although there isn’t much information on this, the community is heating up with excitement over the possibility that it may be a significant decrease in supply. There is a screenshot of a tweet available here stating that the coin burn will definitely be Q1 2018, which is by the end of this month. I realize this isn’t much to go on, and if you have further information on this I would love to check it out. But, if you have not invested in TRON yet, now may be an ideal time to do so!

UPDATE: Justin Sun stated via his live stream that TRON will not have a major coin burn but instead will burn tokens similar to how Ripple does with transaction fees, but “smarter”.

What’s Next?

The next few months should be fairly exciting both for hodlers and the further development of the TRON platform in general. On March 31, 2018 the Test Net or Beta version of the platform will be released and May 31, 2018 Main Net will be released.

From an investing perspective, it looks like TRON is hodling right around the 400 Satoshi level (0.00000400btc). When we think about risk/reward it doesn’t get much better than this. Support is hodling around 400 Satoshis, and the ATH is around 1600 Satoshis – a 4x from its current level. With all of the catalysts coming up and support being so strong where it is, now would be a good time to get in.

As always, I’m not a financial advisor and you should do your own due diligence!


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