The start of my days usually involve reviewing cryptocurrency news, and upcoming catalyst events.

One of my favorite sites to use that we have talked about at numerous times is It makes it so easy to check out upcoming crypto related events so you don’t have to search all over the redditwitterfacebookdiscordosphere.

In this Vlog I talk about a few that caught my eye which are happening throughout the end of March.

March 23

Bittrex Deslisting Project Decorum (PDC), Global Currency Reserve (GCR) and Clubcoin (CLUB):
Over the past couple months Bittrex has been delisting tokens for a few different reasons such as: Low Volume, SEC Issues, and a few other reasons.

Callisto (CLO) Mainnet Release

March 31

BitBay (BAY) Surprise Release:
No clue what it is, but it will be a surprise.

Eventchain (EVC) SmartTickets Beta Launch:
EVC is a platform that allows you to create event tickets and aims to be transparent about the cost. With blockchain security their goal is to prevent fraud and other issues utilizing blockchain technology.

Tron (TRX) Beta Version Exodus Launch:
The goal is to provide very low transaction fees and the possibility of 1,000 transactions per second. This release is stated to include TVM (TRON Vitrual Machine) which will allow it to compete as one of the top ICO release platforms.

Syscoin (SYS) – 3.0 and Masternode Release:
Syscoin aims to become the top decentralized goods exchange, think Ebay on the blockchain. But thats not all, think 0 confirmation transactions, Aliases, an ICO ready platform, and their parent company BlockFoundry is supposedly going public on the Toronto Stock Exchange. will be the first ICO on the SYS network and is set to release their tokens via airdrop in early June.

Shift (SHIFT) – Multiple Updates
Shift will be releasing updates to their wallet, a new DPOS consensus, Fully Stable Sidechain, and a decentralized Explorer release.

Bolenum (BLN) – Mobile Wallet Release

Typically this would be a huge couple weeks for some of these tokens but its hard to tell in this Bear market if we will see a good uptick. Either way, I suggest keeping them on your radar because they could gain some traction.

Anything you have your eye on that I missed? Comment below.

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